Peaceful Warriors Of Light – An interview with Steve Hackett and his wife/songwriting partner Jo Hackett

2019. augusztus 26. - Teakbois

Steve Hackett is one of the most important artists who have ever burst onto the progressive rock scene. As a highly innovative and unique guitar maestro, he helped turn Genesis into a worldwide success among serious music lovers, and he has been enthralling listeners with his melodic wizardry as a…


Starman With A Guitar – Merrell Fankhauser’s Musical Journey Through Time And Space

2019. március 26. - Teakbois

  American singer, guitarist and songwriter Merrell Fankhauser is a living legend of the 60s psychedelic music scene and one of the founding fathers of the surf rock genre. He released landmark albums in a wide variety of styles, jammed, gigged and recorded with numerous important musicians and he…


”Punk is not only about music it’s an attitude, it’s a life style…” – interview with Degradace mainman Rudee

The Ostrava based punk-R’N’R group Degradace has become one of the most dominant czech punk groups today. The guys have already shared the stage with huge names of the genre and after nearly two decades they count 5 albums as well. Degradace will perform in Budapest with Trousers and Turn Signals on…